An old Mac = old and new problems

This is the first post of what I expect to be a very long saga. I don’t know exactly what I will acquire during this venture, but I am tempted to engage in it because of my curiosity and taste for exploration.  Will I get more patience, experience with Final Cut Express, with Mac OS X, maybe, maybe not. For now, the only thing I am getting is trouble. It seems that nothing works as expected. Keyboard shortcuts randomly fail, mouse moves erratically, scrolling in web pages is slow and choppy and every, I say EVERY, web page shows up with a tiny font. I have to hit Command-+ more than 15 times to get a zoom level I am comfortable with.

This Mac comes from my brother’s girlfriend. Since she is nicknamed Poney, I decided to call this machine the PoneyMac for the time being. When I consider this beast as tamed, it will symbocally become mine and I may assign it a new name of my own creation, but for now, this is The Mac, not my Mac.

This is a 2006 MacBook Pro with 1Gb of RAM and an hard drive of I don’t know yet exact size.  The machine runs Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, unfortunately a 32 bits version. I’m not yet sure if the EFI is capable of booting 64 bits OSes, maybe not, which is quite bad.

All future posts of this saga will get the PoneyMac category, with tags corresponding to the topic.