JAXB puzzles with Java 11

JAXB, which means Java Architecture for XML Binding, is a library that can be used to persist Java objects as XML documents. XML is a text-based format that can be used to represent complex and hierarchical data. JAXB can unmarshal a XML document directly into objects whose classes are defined by the developer, rather than… Poursuivre la lecture JAXB puzzles with Java 11

Ubuntu 16.04 almost killed my current HTPC setup

Yesterday, I tried to upgrade my HTPC running Ubuntu 14.04 to the new LTS 16.04. That almost went smooth, but some glitches happened at the end and some changes prevented my Minecraft FTB server to start again. The problems are now solved, but I was wondering if I would be able to get this working… Poursuivre la lecture Ubuntu 16.04 almost killed my current HTPC setup

Groovy + Maven + Eclipse = headache

Java is a general-purpose programming language that matured over more than ten years. It provides a solid platform on which many third party libraries (of various quality and complexity of course) were developed. Maven is one of the several ways large Java projects can be described formally and built automatically. Maven has the ability to… Poursuivre la lecture Groovy + Maven + Eclipse = headache

Groovy? Pas sûr…

Hier, je me suis dit que ça vaudrait la peine d’essayer d’utiliser le langage de programmation Groovy pour un projet chez Nuance. J’estime que cela va me permettre de générer et manipuler du XML plus facilement et m’éviter de répétitives constructions. Plutôt qu’écrire du code pour effectuer la même opération sur chaque item d’une liste,… Poursuivre la lecture Groovy? Pas sûr…