The broken ROLI dashboard

ROLI Dashboard is used to control certain aspects of ROLI instruments such as the Seaboard and Lightpad. In particular, it can be used to change the Lightpad’s mode, going from the drum pad to the RISE controller. Unfortunately, sometimes, apparently more and more often, the Dashboard won’t work at all, showing the following error. This… Poursuivre la lecture The broken ROLI dashboard

Will it remain possible to upgrade laptops with SSD?

Last year, I upgraded my sister’s Thinkpad G500 with a SSD, which greatly increased its performance. The laptop also suffered from hardware issues because of its faulty DVD drive; removing the drive surprisingly cured it. After this success, I was thinking about improving her boyfriend’s laptop, an HP machine that happened to be slower than… Poursuivre la lecture Will it remain possible to upgrade laptops with SSD?

A dying laptop

My Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 15 is dying. It happened the second time today, and that’s quite concerning. Suddenly, the machine freezes, keyboard is not responding, the mouse is moving but clicking does nothing. There is no way out other than rebooting, and when I did it, the screen became black with an error message displayed… Poursuivre la lecture A dying laptop

Bumpy Ableton Live session

Yesterday, I tried upgrading to latest Ableton’s Live, the 9.7.1 version. Everything went well, but I got other issues, not related to Live, that made my work session quite bad and frustrating. S/PDIF not working great A month ago, I got a new audio interface: the Focusrite’s Scarlett 18i20. This amazing device provides eight analog… Poursuivre la lecture Bumpy Ableton Live session